A Royal Betrothal

Designer: Vicky Lovatt

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Model 147/5




12 cm






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A Royal Betrothal

It has been over six years since Moorcroft celebrated the betrothal of Prince William and his future bride, Miss Catherine Middleton, with a special design, ‘A Royal Wedding’. This year, romantics of the world rejoice once more as His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales (or, as he is usually known, Prince Harry) announces his betrothal to Ms Meghan Markle. The popular young couple rouse interest wherever they go, sometimes through their vivacious and glamourous royal lifestyle, but more often through their humanitarian work. With Prince Harry’s background in the military and Ms Markle’s career in acting, the Moorcroft design studio deliberated over a symbol to incorporate into a design for the engagement. Moorcroft designer, Vicky Lovatt, found inspiration in the official coat of arms given to Prince Harry to celebrate his 18th birthday. The Prince himself was involved in designing the crest which unusually incorporates an emblem from his mother Princess Diana’s family arms. Harry’s unique crest is based upon the quartered arms of England, Scotland and Ireland. The family of the late Princess Diana, the Spencers, is reflected in the coats of arms by small, red escallops which appear on the white collars worn by the lions, unicorn and shield. In Prince William’s version these appear once on each element, whereas on Harry’s crest the Spencer motif appears three times. Using the Spencer sign marks a change in convention for ruling crests, which traditionally do not use symbols from the mother’s side of the family. The scallop design symbolizes the many European starting points from which medieval pilgrims began their journey, all drawn to a single point at the base of the shell. Prince Harry and Ms Markle are soon to begin their marital journey together, with both of them drawn together to a single point, their forthcoming matrimony. Vicky’s design sees attractive rows of coral-coloured scallops surrounding a lidded Moorcroft box which has been painted in glistening gold lustre to mark this royal occasion.


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