Monthly Miniatures
Designer: Kerry Goodwin

Each month a new Miniature of the Month will be launched so that, during the year, collectors can build up their own miniature collection of seasonal florals.

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January - Helleborus

Height 5cm

Price £ 145.00

The inaugural piece is Helleborus, in which a pink hellebore with delicate yellow stamen hangs its head, weighed down by the weight of its beautiful petals, that bring a first flush of colour to our gardens in January.


February - Welcome Colour - Camellias

Height 5cm

Price £ 170.00

Few hardy shrubs signal the end of winter better than camellias, highly valued for their stunning floral displays and fresh, glossy, evergreen foliage, that bring a flush of welcome colour to our gardens in February and through until early spring.

March - Primula

Height 5cm

Price £ 140.00


This cheerful bedding plant flowers its heart out for weeks on end.  It brightens your outlook on even the dullest day as they bring a rainbow of colour to our gardens in March and through until early summer.


April - White Rays

Height 5cm

Price £ 135.00



This diminutive grassland plant is known for its yellow centre and white petals shaped like the rays of the sun.   The daisy takes its name from an Old English word that meant Day’s Eye due to the flowers only opening during daylight


May - Heart to Heart - Pansies

Height 5cm

Price £ 155.00



Pansies have heart-shaped faces, with overlapping petals, and come in a wide range of bright, pretty colours and patterns.  Their small, delicate faces, bring colour to any container or border, and it is a soft pink variety that Kerry has depicted on her miniature vase


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